13 Mayıs 2016

I can’t find anything to write down anymore. I need to write something, okay. I try to do that.

Five or four days ago, i decided to settle down in Istanbul. I texted messages to my cousin and aunt live in there, cousin said it’s okay for him, aunt said same things. This weekend, i will book a flight. It’s nearly ₺150. The price of ticket is not important for now, cuz i planed to move there. Hope there will be no coming back.

I have such things on my to do list. On the top of list, there is to study French. I don’t know why i started to learn French (for second language) although i have no fluent degree of English. I suppose I’m bored of learning English. I’d might want fresh things which are obviously different to me. New things are kind of new blood for brain. I arrayed languages I wanna learn in the long term and French is on the second. Of course number one is English. I force myself to improve my vocabulary in English but in every single day, I forget the words i need to have in mind. Anyway, i try to overcome. Out of learning languages, there is one more thing i care about. To read novels daily. Reading 50 pages a day is my aim nowadays. I don’t wanna say “I have no time for this” but really, there is no time these days. I have many invitations sending by friends, it takes my whole time. Every night, i come home after 8 pm.

Je voudrais écrire tant de choses,
mais je ne suis pas le temps pour cela.
Au revoir!