25 Kasım 2015

Hi, me again! Today is the same day with yerterday, except one thing. I removed a game, on my Macbook, which can take my whole time on the days. Sometimes, I played an hour, sometimes it goes up two-four hours a day if I’m lucky. I couldn’t take some responsibilities which i should take a long time ago. Today, I woke up afternoon, around 2 pm. It fucking amazing to wake up around these hours. Kidding, of course. That’s terrible. You feel somebody blowes up your brain. Changing the topic. I texted message with one of my close friends about her ex-best-friends issues. I would like to give some advices however, she wouldn’t except that, I guess, not sure. She is nice but her experiences about her friends, are not good enough. She needs some time to relief. Afterwards, I surfed on internet, checked emails, Facebook notifications (several times) Twitter and my blog. Had breakfast (on afternoon) or dinner, idk. Started to study French. After all these months, I’m glad to start studying French language. This is on the top of my To Do List. I should be capable of talking French in a year, that’s my aim. Acording to news, a year is clearly enough to learn language to reach intermediate level. Advance level needs more than 2 years. Anyway, I studied two hours, remembered many of things. I can barely make sentences in French.

Je suis etudient le Français, is est bon, est-ce pas, hein?