8 Kasım 2015

Today, I met with Buket in Starbucks. She is one of my oldiest friends. She started to work at Sheraton Hotel in Adana. I listened her experiences which she talked cheerily. I’m so happy for her because she looks happy on her job. Of course there are so many annoying people on her workspace. It’s seriously so hard to handle with people who don’t care what you feel or what you think. That’s disadvantage on her job but she has to overcome all these shitties. Businesslife is not easy as we thought before. You should be patient and seem like happy. Your reactions must be appropriate. She alsa talked about her friendships. Her friends misunderstood her so many times. You know what they say, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you”. Maybe they didn’t love her enough. If they did, why would they leave her alone? Clearly something’s wrong with them. Okay, they may saw something which i couldn’t see but even this, they could explain it to me as well. I really don’t understand friendships sometimes. It’s like breakable vase which has so many beautiful flowers. When somebody crack it knowingly or unknowingly, the water in the vase starts to pour and flowers fade. I’m the person who doesn’t care about these things. If somebody hurted me, or tried to hurt me, I would quited the friendship. Of course it was not a good. In the end, I left this characteristic for some good reason. I learnt,

Friendship is not only hard to make but also easy to break.