27 Ocak 2016

Today, I felt the feelings when I felt in US. It’s something i can barely explain. I really don’t feel I belong here. It feels i believe in reincarnation. When i landed United States, there was something I’d felt before. It was like “I missed you home, it’s been a while not to see you.”. It felt I was home. Only difference was the language. I can’t get the words on the boards. You know, if the language is not native for you, it’s hard to get it naturally. Of course i could understand what’s written over there but you know, its was not the native language of mine. Anyway… I was so happy to be there. I could live there even there are people behind me, waiting for me to be back, to see again. I felt there was nothing to lose, nobody who waits for you. It was really something different. That’s why i said i can barely explain.

The reason I write today is a movie about Brooklyn. A young lady left her homeland and went to NY in order to live a new life. Met with a good guy, married with him and suddenly her sister died. She went back to Ireland to heal her mother’s pain. Anyway, it reminded me the days I’d been in US.

Sometimes i talk to myself. What if i were born in there, what would be happened? How would my mother and father be?