4 Haziran 2016

Yesterday, I spent my whole time by sleeping as if i got sleep pills. My sleeping pattern is so messed up. I hate sleeping as most of people do. But it’s body issues, right? I have nothing to do all the livelong day. I am still unemployed, searching for the job in Istanbul. I haven’t find yet. Considering all these things I feel, it’s obviously normal there are sleepless nights. After this job issue falls into places, I’ll change many things radically. Yeah, i have plans to do after having a job. For instance, I’ll end up these sleepless nights. I’ll go fitness. There is no way to live without sports. This is what makes me alive. I’ll send for my road bike. Maybe it’s hard to get it, but at least i’ll need my folding bike. If you come to think about Istanbul’s slopes, it can be inconvenient to ride a bike. The first thing to do with my salary is, sending a bouquet to mom. She did everything i need. And second is to take my cousin to a good restaurant and make an order for a delicious dishes. Oh, I need load money on Istanbul Card. I love public transportation because i am sick of seeing cars everywhere. It should be limited to drive a car in the city center, as in Manhattan, NY.

I love writing & reading in English and i have to improve my speaking skill. So, there are many things to do.