7 Kasım 2015

I want to write down so many thing i think but I can’t find this enthusiasm on myself. Today, I met one of my closest friends, Burkay. He called me about eight of the clock and told me lets meet at nine. Told him okay then put my clothes on and sneaked out. I didn’t wanna go out with empty stomach because i didn’t know what we would drink. If we drunk some beer, my stomache should be full. Otherwise, it could make me sick/bored. We met on Barajyolu Avenue, walked along the avenue. We walked so much as far as middle of Turgut Özal Avenue. Got in a pub which i like so much to be in. Talked about so many things necessary, unnecessary, local issues, global topics…Everything comes to your mind. Afterwards, we walked again till we came to Duygu Cafe. On this point, I left him and went home.